All functions

check_alpha() check_theta()

Check validity of copula parameters


Clean up DLL


Send arguments to a function after vectorizing

interp_gen_inv() interp_kappa() interp_kappa_inv() interp_gen() igl_kappa() igl_kappa_D() igl_kappa_inv() igl_gen() igl_gen_D() igl_gen_inv()

IG/IGL Generators and Related Functions

igl_gen_vec() igl_gen_D_vec() igl_gen_inv_vec() igl_kappa_vec() igl_kappa_D_vec() igl_kappa_inv_vec() interp_gen_vec() interp_gen_inv_vec() interp_kappa_vec() interp_kappa_inv_vec()

IG/IGL Generators and Related Functions: matching inputs

pcondig21() qcondig21() qcondig() pcondig() pcondig12() qcondig12() dig() logdig() pig() rig()

IG Copula Family Functions

dig_vec() pcondig12_vec() qcondig12_vec()

Select IG copula quantities: matching inputs


igcop: Computational Tools for the IG and IGL Copula Families

qcondigl() pcondigl() qcondigl21() pcondigl21() pcondigl12() qcondigl12() digl() pigl() rigl() logdigl()

IGL Copula Family Functions

.u .v .cpar .theta .alpha

Test data